We open, kids.

As an artist, you do a lot of work for a lot of other people. Especially in the clothing, you're tasked with creating an identity that people can relate to. That people want to wear and feel good putting on. But it can be a bit of a downer to see your stuff under another person's banner. It's their flavor. Their style. I just get to throw it into my CV and let it collect dust. But I wanted to do things my way. To see my style on bodies and walls, not someone else's. The failure is on me, but the success is on me, too... and isn't that how it should be as an artist?

So here we are. The evergreen stuff is up right now; you an always come back and snag another shirt when you stuff yours under the fridge because it's leaking coolant and you should probably get that looked at. But there's more on the way. Plenty more. But right now I'm going to go air fry some chicken and watch tv and think about what I've done.